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Created 18-Aug-13
228 photos

Northern ShoresFinding the LocationRising Above Costello CreekNight Light ReflectionLight Over the LodgeAbove the IslandGalactic IslandAlgonquin at NightMilky Way over my BackyardWaxing Crescent Moon in Colour (30%)Earthshine on Waxing Crescent Moon (30%)A Night at Hopewell RocksMist and Milky Way on Costello CreekTake in the LightYe Old FarmsteadMilky Way over Lake FrancisReflecting on Lake MoxieAcross the Field of AuroraLyride Meteor and Milky WayTransitions of Light

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Keywords:Aurora Borealis, Canada, Cowboy with a Camera, Long exposure, Milky way, Night, Northern Lights, Ontario, Photography, Space, Stars, Wesley Liikane